Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips and tricks : Around the Globe 2

Hello again and Assalamualaikum.
Yes, so as promised, I'm going to share with you another tips and tricks while you're travelling. Before anything else, I'm on my way back to school. School starts on the 4th and I won't be having time as much as I do for the past few months to blog but I'll try my best. ;)
Okay, the second tips and tricks is about:
2. Important documents and belongings.
When you're travelling, especially if you're going overseas, you have to carry with you a number of documents and papers, important ones,namely:
a. Passport (if you're going abroad)
b. Identification card
c. Your boarding passes/tickets. (if you're travelling by air, or even water. :) )
Carrying these papers around are very nerve-wrecking. (at least to me it is) So you'd want to keep it in a place that is safe but easy enough to reach, as these things are required during check-ups,check-ins, boarding and other mumbo- jumbos.
The ideal thing to do is to carry a small bag with you, like a sling bag, with pockets and compartments. Keep these papers in these pockets.
Even so, you might face the risk of these papers to fall off your bag. ( I'm a bit paranoid haha) In this case, what you can do is get a Ziploc! Put everything inside it and keep them in your bag. Easy, convenient, and CHEAP!
I love the fact that the Ziploc is transparent, thus you can see everything inside it.(duhh!)
So no more scurrying through your stuff when the authorities ask for your papers. :)
Till part 3, toodles! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tips and Tricks:Around the Globe 1.

Hello and Assalamualaikum,

Dear readers, I'd like to share with all of you about my experience, my first experience actually, travelling outside Malaysia and tiny bit of tips and tricks when you're travelling. Let's just say that I am a little bit excited to share everything with you guys since it is my first time going out of Malaysia.

Well, it is only Indonesia but I had so much fun. It was so fun that I went home with the thought of travelling around Malaysia or maybe outside Malaysia when I'm finished with my study. [ Just pray that Mom would let me, okay? And perhaps she'd be generous enough to financially support me for the trip. Hehe.] Too ambitious? Well, nothing is impossible these days. ;)

Now, I know I am not much of a traveller to be giving these tips, but it is just something I read up online and some of it I found convenient during my stay at Pulau Karimun, Indonesia. So I thought, it wouldn't hurt to share. Here goes:

1. Packing

Now before we went off to our adventure, we must pack our bag(s), correct? Now, if we are to go on a trip where we would be moving a lot, for instance sight-seeing, scuba-diving or swimming with the sharks ( I sounded awful lot like a travelling brochure didn't I?) and my personal favourite, SHOPPING, you probably want to pack light. I don't know about all of you but I failed miserably in packing lightly. :(

You see what happened to me when I went to Karimun is that I pack awful lot for a three day visit. The plan was to change from the usual suitcase I use to a backpack so that there will be smaller room. Hence I will bring less clothes, and I did follow the strategy but the thing is that I still practically put everything inside the backpack and it almost look like a stuffed turkey. Not that I ever stuff a turkey before. Hehehe.
And guess what, in Karimun I only end up wearing 3 of my tops I brought and a pyjama ( kaftan, of course. Because kaftan rules! ). As you would've thought, I am left with no room to put the things I bought there and as the ultimate purpose for going to Karimun is to shop, you could imagine how many things I've bought. From clothes to telekung to handbags and even keychains.  And the backpack suffers all the way home. Poor thing.

So what you can do in order to pack lightly is first, MAKE A LIST. The list will help you see things that you might or might not need during your stay.

Second, ARRANGE YOUR STUFF where you can see them, for instance on the bed, so that you can consider and reconsider whether to bring them along or to just leave them at home.

Third, PLAN your outfit. Figure out which top goes with which pants while your packing. Avoid the 'maybe' tops or pants as it will 'eat up' the space in your luggage. Save the room for the souvenirs you might pick up along the way. ;)

Now, that's the first one, I'll spill some more on my next post. Till then, toodles. :D

Back from the dead.

Hello and Assalamualaikum!

So yes, this baby is finally back from the dead. The reason I'm going to give this blog another chance is that my other blog have been too topsy-turvy and I've posted a lot of stuff that I believe only me can understand. So what's the point of sharing, correct? Anyhoo, as promised, I'll spare the rantings for my other blog , you can visit it if you want :) and keep this one informative and worth reading.

Thus, until I found something worth sharing, I'll see you guys soon. Toodles. :)