Thursday, March 17, 2011

ADHD Kids and Teachers: Behaviour

Hello,readers! Today I am going discuss the next element, which is Behaviour.

In setting up the classroom rules, a teacher should be strict but considerate at the same time. The rules applied in the classroom must be agreed by every member of the class.

In keeping up with the lesson pace, as well as to maintain the expected behaviour from the students, a teacher can use self-monitoring and self-reinforcement on-task behavior during independent work time. 

When necessary, teachers can make a pact with parents in order to reinforce the expected behaviour from the students. Set a certain goal whether hourly or weekly.

Teachers can also promotes positive behaviour by giving appropriate rewards to the students.

To improve out-of-the-classroom behavior, allow the class to earn a reward based on he compliments they receive on their behavior from other teachers, lunchroom staff, playground aides and principals.

Avoid giving the whole class negative consequences based on the ADHD child's behavior. The ADHD child, as well as the whole class, can benefit from implementation of social skills curriculum for the entire class.
Modeling and requiring the children to use a systematic method of talking through classroom conflicts and problems can be particularly valuable for the ADHD child to implement this, teachers are referred to the literature on cognitive-behavioral approaches to developing the child's self-talk and problem solving.
Praise specific behaviors. For example, "I like how you wrote down all your assignments correctly," rather than "Good boy!"
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

ADHD Kids and Teachers: Organization

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Anyway, this time I'm going to continue to the next factor,and that is Organization.
It is very important to make sure that the students is well-organized. Make it a routine where you give your students time for them to organize their folders and also their table.

A healthy dosage of rewards is also encouraged, so that it will keep your students motivated in organizing. For example, you can have a 'desk fairy' that gives daily rewards to students that keep their desks organized.

You can reward your students a golden star that will be placed on the board for being well-organized.

You can also used colour coding in the classroom. For instance, certain colour for certain books of certain subject. This will certainly make things easier for you and the students when working around the classroom.

Other than that, you also want to keep track of your student's work. Keep a record card that a students can take home with them so that they can have their parents' signature for every completed homework.

A rewarding system for students that completed their homework or in-school work can also be really helpful. This will help to boost the work quality and quantity.

Be clear to your students about the due dates of the assignments. One thing that you can do is to write a timeline on the board,so that they are aware of what they supposed to be doing.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ADHD Kids and Teachers : Worksheets and Tests

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Yes, its me again,proceeding with the next factor to be considered by teachers in teaching ADHD kids.

The next factor is preparing the Worksheets and Tests.
In preparing the work sheets or test papers, bare in mind to always keep the page format as simple as possible. You do not want to include any pictures or visual that is unrelated to the questions as it will only be mere distractions to the students.

Inside your worksheets, remember to only put one or two activities in one page instead of cramming as much questions in a page.If possible, include a blank, white space on each page.

You also want to avoid a hand-written worksheets. Use dark-black prints.When giving the instructions to the students, underlining the key questions or key vocabulary will help the students to understand the direction better. Or better still, you can ask the students to underline the words themselves as you read the instructions to them.

Other than that, AVOID boring worksheets. Divide the questions in sections by using multiple colours. If the worksheets bore them in the first place, your students will not be bothered to answer the questions or do the assignments.

Borders can help in capturing students interests.

In giving out assignments, shorten them according to your students' ability. If a students can only demonstrate adequate concept mastery of 10-20 problems, do not present 30-40 problems.

All in all, in preparing the worksheets and test papers for ADHD kids, you must always be able to cater to their needs. Be creative!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ADHD Kids and Teachers: The Lesson Presentation

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Today, I am going to continue on another factor that should be considered in teaching ADHD kids.

 And that is the most important factor of all, The Lesson  Presentation. 

Being a teacher, it is always about you being creative around the material that you are working with and also your ability to sustain your student's interest on your lesson. This applies even when you are teaching normal students.
Dealing with  students that is often get distracted, in this case is students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you creativity and patience is tested to the maximum.

First thing first, a-must-do thing for a teacher, you should ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS have a plan prior to your lesson.
Spontaneity is good, too much of a spontaneity can lead you to a point where you are stuck in the corner, not knowing what to explain to your students. That is certainly not what us, future teachers want to face right?

The students might throw us a WHOLE lot of questions and an unprepared lesson can be a big problem.

Then, when you have your lesson planned out, an outline for your students can also help them to understand the lesson better, for an example, when you are teaching vocabulary, giving out sheets of papers containing the vocabulary before the lesson presentation can be really helpful.

The next thing you want to do, is to always keep the pace of the lesson increasing. As mentioned in the previous posts, the attention span of ADHD kids depends on the material that they are working with. If the material bore them, than you might be facing quite a problem in making them understand your lesson. Therefore the last thing you want to do when you are working with ADHD kids is to overanalysis one thing at a time.

Another thing that you can consider when teaching ADHD kids is that, you might want to include various activities during each lesson. Keep all their senses stimulated. But be careful! You still want to keep the level of distractions as low as possible.

Visual aids during lesson can also be helpful.

Physical activities are important in sustaining the student's interest.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

ADHD Kids and Teachers: The Arrangement of The Classroom.

Hello again pretty readers! Now, I am going to share with you a little bit of information regarding ADHD children and what should we (teachers-to-be) do in order to create an effective learning atmosphere for these kids.

According to this website , things that should be considered are :

The arrangement of the classroom.
The lesson presentation.
Worksheets and tests.

Now,for today I am only going to share with you guys about the physical aspects of the classroom.The other 4 items,I promise I'll tell you guys about it a little later.

In arranging seating position in the classroom,you really want to make sure that the level of distractions is at the lowest level possible. Therefore, avoid positioning ADHD students in a group.You see, you want them to interact with each other,but you do not want to let them interact all the time,and thus,not focusing on what you have to teach.=P

What you want to do is to allow them to interact and at the same time,minimize interpersonal distractions.Among of the possible seating arrangements that teachers can try is the horse-shoe positions.


*I tried hard,drawing this figure,so if you do not understand the arrangement,please pretend to.=P*

You also might want to minimize audio and visual distractions by not placing the students' table near the hallways or the windows.

When you are presenting your lessons, make sure the arrangement allows you to stand near the students.Especially when you are giving directions.

Seating the ADHD kids next to a peer models might also be helpful. 

All in all, in arranging the seating plan of the ADHD kids in class, your main focus should always be to avoid the kids from any distractions possible.

Thats all from me this time. =).See ya soon!

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